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Psychologist Session

Counseling Services

Tele visits and in person medical and mental health services available. Same day appointment is available.

Family Counseling

Happy Family

Family  psychotherapy can help you resolve conflicts and communicate better.

Group Counseling

Group Meeting

Group therapy involves others in a setting where you share experiences to a group in the presence of one or two therapists. 

Medication management

Pharmacist cutting pills

We will help you manage your medication and ensure you get that refill on time. We may need to do lab work and will order that for you.


Individual Counseling


We all go through challenges in life. Dr. Chris will give you a personal opportunity to receive support and experience growth during challenging times in life.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Therapy Session

We provide Psych evaluations at our clinic. Call us today to discuss options.


Other Counseling needs

Child Counselor

We strive to provide any counseling services you needs. Feel free to contact us with your specific needs for us to better assist you.


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